Privacy Policy

Our company and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as "We" or “Us”) value and will protect the personal privacy of all service users. When You are using our services, We will carefully and duly process the personal data provided by you.
This Privacy Policy is closely related to the services used by you. Once you install, use, register or otherwise access our services, including the game network services and the social network services related thereto (hereinafter referred to as the "Network Services"), it means that you have accepted this policy, and explicitly agreed with knowledge hereof to authorize Us to collect, process, use and disclose your personal data in accordance with the provisions hereof.
I. Your Personal Data Collected by Us
1. The data we collect initiatively
When you register and use our Network Services, We may automatically accept and record your device and viewed information through the game software or other software, including but not limited to your device code, IP address, location, browser type, information regarding the features of the software and hardware in your device, web page records requested by you, language used, date and time of access/login, social chat records in the game, pictures and files uploaded, data regarding any game role, transaction data, and data regarding your contact and communication with Us, and such other information.
2. The data you provide voluntarily
(1) When you register your account and use relevant Network Services, you may voluntarily provide Us with your data, including but not limited to your name (including net name, pseudonym or other nickname), gender, account information on various social platforms (including but not limited to Wechat, Facebook and Google) with which We have cooperation and other information that you voluntarily agree to provide.
(2) Your telephone number, email address, personal interests and other personal privacy that you may be provided when using our services, provided all such provision is subject to your prior confirmation and consent.
3. Your personal data We may obtain from our business partners
We may obtain your personal data from our commercial partners through legitimate channels, such as that obtained from our cooperation platforms, advertiser platforms, technical support service providers, and such other commercial partners that jointly provide support for the Network Services, provided all such obtaining is subject to your prior confirmation and consent.
II. Purpose of Use and Sharing of Your Personal Data
1. You confirm and agree that We may use your personal data for the purpose of improving the Network Services and conducting data testing, product analysis and activity planning, and may share your personal data with our affiliates and partners for the purpose of improving the Network Services. Such partners may be our local operating partners of your place, or technical supporting partners supporting the Network Services in any region other than your country, such as Facebook, Google, and Apple. After the end of the services, they will be forbidden to access any of such data, including that they used to have access to. We undertake not to provide, sell, rent, share or trade your personal data with any unrelated third party unless as permitted by you in advance.
2. We may use your data to safeguard your security and our security protection, make anti-fraud detection, and carry out third-party customer security services.
3. For the purpose of serving you, We may use your personal data to provide you with information that you may feel interested in, including but not limited to providing you with personalized demand proposals, pushing advertisements related to new products and services, sending information messages, or inviting you to participate in our service survey, provided all such provision is subject to your prior consent.
III. Disclosure of Your Personal Data
Under the following circumstances, We will disclose all or any part of your personal data based on your will or in accordance with previsions of applicable laws:
1. Disclosure to a third party with your prior consent;
2. Disclosure to a third party, the administrative or judicial authority in accordance with applicable laws or as may be required by such competent administrative or judicial authorities, if any legitimate rights and interests of the public, Us or any other third party are involved;
3. Disclosure to a third party, the administrative or judicial authority as required if you violate any provision of applicable laws and regulations or our service agreement or relevant rules (such as concerning any improper comment, or reactionary, violent and pornographic act ), and infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of Us or any third party;
4. Disclosure to any complaint or respondent at the request thereof if you are a qualified intellectual property complainant or respondent and have filed or been filed a complaint for the purpose of resolving the disputes related to the underlining rights and interests between the parties;
5. Other disclosures that We consider appropriate based on relevant laws, regulations or policies.
IV. Storage of Your Personal Data and Retention Period
1. We will store your personal data in the server devices kept in your country or other countries around the world based on our existing security technology practice or other databases or devices with higher security level pursuant to applicable laws and regulations to.
2. We will provide corresponding security measures for your data to prevent any loss, improper use, unauthorized access or disclosure thereof. However, you understand and confirm that We can only provide security measures to the largest extent possible based on the current security technology practice. We are unable to guarantee that the security measures provided for you are 100% safe, bug-free and risk-free. Therefore, when you choose to use our services, you are fully aware of the possible security risks.
3. The retention period of your personal data shall be the entire period that you use our Network Services until you require Us to delete or otherwise process your data based on your rights as stipulated herein or in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Upon expiry of such retention period or after We receive your request and verify your identity, We will delete or anonymize your personal data or otherwise process it pursuant to your request within one month.
V. Your Rights
1. Right of access
You have the right to request Us to provide you with your personal data that We have collected, used and processed. If you think the records We provided have not covered all your personal data, please contact Us promptly and indicate the specific situation.
2. Right of correction and amendment
If you think your personal data We have collected is inaccurate, you can contact Us and We will correct it pursuant your request after verification.
3. Right of deletion
If you think We no longer need to store your personal data or We have processed such data improperly, you have the right to require Us to delete your personal data We had, used or processed. However, if your personal data is concerned by applicable laws and regulations, for protecting the legitimate rights and interests of Us or any third party or the public, We will keep such data temporarily and notify you accordingly. When We no longer need to keep such data, We will delete or anonymize it.
You are also aware of and understand that if the data you want to delete is the basic account information for the Network Services or involves any information required for relevant functional services, your request for deletion may affect your use of the Network Services provided by Us.
4. Backup right
You have the right to request Us to back up your personal data, but the request shall be subject to the existing technology level and cost, and shall not damage the legitimate rights and interests of any third party.
5. Right of withdrawal
You have the right to withdraw your previous authorization to Us for collection, use and processing of your personal data at any time, but your withdrawal of the authorization shall not affect such personal data collected, used and processed based on your consent prior to such withdrawal.
6. Right of objection
You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data. You should contact Us promptly and expressly inform Us the corresponding objection requirements.
7. In any of the above cases, please submit a written request to Us. After confirming your request and verifying your identity, We will reply to you within one month (and We will have two more months for the purpose of replying your request under special circumstances) thereafter and process your data as requested. In case of any inconsistence as to the processing periods to your request as stipulated herein and the other provisions prescribed hereof, We will process your request within such periods, whichever is later.
8. For safety purpose, you may need to provide a written request. If We have reasonable basis to consider that the above request is deceptive, unable to be implemented or may damage the privacy of others, We have the right to reject your request.
VI. Data Protection for Minors
We highly value the data protection for minors. If you are a minor, namely, anyone under the age of 16, you must obtain the prior consent of your parents or guardians before using our services.
VII. Liabilities of Third-party Cooperation Platforms
You understand clearly that our Network Services will be provided to you through third-party cooperation platforms and other partners (such as Facebook, Google and Apple). Therefore, prior to your use of our services, some of your personal data may be collected, used and processed by the third-party cooperation platforms, and We may not or cannot obtain such personal data through the third parties. Therefore, should you have any objection to the data processing by such third parties or need to exercise your relevant rights, please contact the third parties directly, and the liability issues involved shall be determined and handled between you and the third parties.
VIII. Your Personal Data Security
1. We will make every effort to provide security protection for your personal data. Please also keep your user name and password and such other information properly. We will take security measures such as encrypting a user's password to ensure your data not lost, misused or altered. Despite of the aforementioned security measures, please kindly be reminded and understand that there is not any "perfect security measure" on the information network.
2. Please properly protect your personal data when using our Network Services for online transactions. Please do not provide the same to others unless you are willing to do so and when necessary. If you discover any divulge of your personal data, please contact Us immediately so that We can take applicable measures.
IX. Amendments
We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time, in which case updated version will be published in a timely manner. In such case, your continuous use of our services shall be deemed as your consent to be bound by the amended Privacy Policy.
X. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution
Unless as otherwise stipulated by applicable laws, this policy shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong. In case of any dispute arising from the establishment, effectiveness and performance of this policy between you and Us, you agree that such dispute shall be referred to Hong Kong International Arbitration Center for arbitration in accordance with its existing rules.